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Ask Josephine any question you might have about nutrition, alternative medicine, or psychology for thalassemia minor or major. Here are good example questions: “What is spirulina and can it help people with thalassemia?” or “What are the side-effects of iron overload?” If Josephine can't answer the question herself, she'll find an expert who can. These questions will be answered in her blog.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Josephine will not respond to any question related to personal laboratory reports. She will never provide diagnosis or share thoughts on anyone’s personal medical records. Example questions she will not answer are: “Can you comment on why my neutrophils are high and lymphocytes are low in my blood smear?” or “Can you read my blood test to tell if I have thalassemia?” No. Josephine is not a medical doctor and will not pretend to be one. It is unethical. Please contact a local physician for these answers.

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