Interview with “Blood Relative” star Imran Mohammad

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I saw the documentary “Blood Relative” at a film festival several years ago and had the good fortune of meeting the director and creator of the film, Nimisha Mukerji. The film documents the struggles of young people who live with thalassemia in India.

I explained to Nimisha that I wanted to connect with the people in the film to let them know how inspired I was by their stories. Not just that, I wanted other people to know who they are and get inspired by them through my blog.

Nimisha told me to find them on Facebook, so I did. I was first able to find Imran Mohammed, who plays the lead role in the film.

I then found Vinay Shetty, the selfless hero who works hard to help keep patients alive. 

Unfortunately, Divya, the girl who participated in the film as the second lead role is not on Facebook.

Divya plays the second lead role in the film Blood Relative. Photo credit: Blood Relative

Divya plays the second lead role in the film Blood Relative. Photo credit: Blood Relative

The thing about having a rare genetic illness is that it's very easy to emotionally connect with anyone who is also living with or taking care of someone with a disability.  In my opinion, everyone who lives with thalassemia major faces the same fears, struggles, psychological complexities, and hopes.

Our challenges begin in infancy, so (for the most part) our minds are unified through the trauma and pain we’ve received, as well as appreciation of simple things.  With age, this fact bonds and unites us and makes us care for each other's safety and wellness.

I decided to interview Imran, because I was fascinated by his story and wanted to share his story with you. I’m amazed at how much we have in common, even though we live in very different parts of the world.

Reach out to Imran on Facebook and say hi!


This post originally appeared on on Wed, 09 Jan 2013.