Bluebird Bio talks about gene therapy for thalassemia

Josephine Bila speaks with Dr. Rob Ross of Bluebird Bio on their gene therapy trials for thalassemia

Josephine Bila speaks with Dr. Rob Ross of Bluebird Bio on their gene therapy trials for thalassemia

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Each new day brings us closer to a breakthrough therapy that will someday eradicate thalassemia from the face of the Earth.

I'm a fairly optimistic person, but I never once truly believed that a transformative treatment, outside of bone marrow transplant, would ever exist for thalassemia patients.

There are plenty of people on the internet talking about remedies that they've heard about. From the wonders of wheatgrass to the potential of gene therapy. It's pretty obvious that everyone with thalassemia is interested in a cure.

Since I'm not one to believe the hearsay of others, I had to get to the root of these claims for myself. Fortunately for you, I make sure to detail my experiences and share them with you live!

I'm currently doing a wheatgrass challenge on my Facebook page. My objective is to see if several ounces of wheatgrass juice taken everyday for three months will increase my hemoglobin (as everyone claims).

Since gene therapy is also something I'm really curious about, I decided to ask Bluebird Bio, the company that is on the cutting edge of gene therapy for thalassemia patients, if I could interview someone from their team.

Fortunately for us, they were incredibly AWESOME and helpful towards my request. They introduced me to a medical Oncologist named Dr. Rob Ross, M.D. who sat with me for 30 minutes to discuss the ins and outs of their research.

In this interview, Dr. Ross teaches us what Bluebird Bio has been up to in their breakthrough gene therapy treatment for thalassemia.

He also tells us what it's like to receive a stem cell transplant and answers a lot of questions that I know have been burning in people's minds.

Before you see Rob and I talk, Bluebird would like you to know some things that were not mentioned in the video.

They are:

On May 6th, Bluebird announced that they are expanding their Northstar study to include up to three adolescent patients.

As of May 2015, in the HGB-205 study, Subjects 1201 and 1202 with beta-thalassemia major remained transfusion-independent for 16 and 14 months, respectively, with persistent stable expression of HbAT87Q. Neither has experienced a LentiGlobin-related adverse event.

Bluebird Bio Gene Therapy

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This article first appeared on on Tue, 23 Jun 2015.