Exploring malaria, epigenetics and the origin of thalassemia

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Did you ever study chemistry in high school? If you did, you learned that all matter that exists in nature contains elements. Elements are composed of atoms (i.e., one atom is equivalent to one element, depending on the number of protons found within the atom). 

For example, if one atom contains one proton it will be called the element hydrogen. If one atom contains two protons, it will be called the element helium. There are over 100 known elements found in nature. 

The periodic table of elements helps scientists track the number of protons, electrons, and other chemical properties found in atoms. It also helps scientists predict the chemical interactions that might occur if two or more atoms are combined. 

When two or more elements (i.e., atoms) join together, they create different substances. For example, when two hydrogen atoms pair with one oxygen atom the result is one water molecule. If two hydrogen atoms join together with two oxygen atoms, the result is one hydrogen peroxide molecule. The possibilities of molecular combinations are endless! Don't let your eyes glaze over yet. I promise I'm going somewhere with this.

If one water molecule comes into contact with another water molecule, the two will be attracted to one another. This is due to oxygen having a slightly negative electrical charge and hydrogen having a slightly positive electrical charge.(1) Elements that have an opposite electrical charge are attracted to one another. So, when two or more water molecules meet, they become attracted and cohesive, meaning they stick together. This is what we perceive to be a water droplet.

A newborn baby is comprised of about 78% water (i.e., mostly hydrogen and oxygen). As we age that percentage decreases to about 55-65%. (3) According to sciencenotes.org, "Nearly 99% of the mass of your human body consists of just six chemical elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Another 5 elements make up most of the last percentage point: potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium." (2

To complicate things just a bit more for scientists (and us regular folks), atoms can further be broken down into smaller pieces. These pieces are called electrons, neutrons, quarks, gluons and well, no one really knows what lies beyond that. Some scientists speculate that to continually reduce elements into their most fundamental original state would eventually lead us to God. 

The concept of a God particle (i.e., the most fundamental building block of an atom) goes hand-in-hand with theoretical physics, which states that everything in the universe is part of, and an expression of, a quantum field of energy. 

According to this theory, before things are born into existence there is a universal field of energy that intelligently creates all matter (i.e., anything we perceive to be solid, liquid, or gas).(4

If we think about this idea as it relates to the macro-world (i.e., the things we come into contact with everyday), we can begin to think about the many things that occur in nature that completely baffle the minds of scientists. 

Like, for example, how do cells divide and know how to turn themselves into a baby? What the heck is happening during monarch butterfly migration? How does a seed the size of a black ant know how to turn itself into a giant Sequoia tree? How does a brain translate energy into a physical experience here on Earth?

This is absolutely mind-blowing if you think about how much time humans waste on ideas of hatred, jealousy, depression, separation and all man-made atrocities. This must be why "The Golden Rule" or "treat others as you would like to be treated" is a basic principle of every religion. According to theoretical physics, we have all been created from and are part of a quantum field of energy. Meaning, everything that happens to others is also happening to us and within us.

Spiritual leaders often tell us that the external world is simply a mirror of the inner workings of our own subconscious and conscious mind. After all, our brains are interpreting our entire experience. The law of cause and effect similarly tells us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So, if, for example, your hand is comprised of oxygen, hydrogen, calcium, carbon, etc. and it moves through the air you breathe, and that air is comprised of oxygen, carbon nitrogen, etc. then there will be a continuous ripple effect that takes place in the atomic world that we cannot see.

The human brain creates colors out of frequencies (i.e., remember ROYGBIV?), sound from waves, and other sensations out of electric impulses. You go to the doctor to test the functioning of your heart using an electrocardiogram, which is a machine that measures a heart’s electrical output. You eat food for calories which provide your body with energy in the form of heat. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) works to capture images of your organs by temporarily realigning hydrogen atoms, because your body is composed of particles of energy. The common denominator and big idea to consider in all of these examples is that your brain is constantly translating energy into a physical sensation / experience (i.e., sight, sound, smell, taste, touch).

If everything you are, including where you live, what you have, who surrounds you (i.e., anything you smell, see, taste, and touch) has been intelligently and intentionally designed, shouldn't we also believe that this (infinite?) field of energy is willing to support us in the progression of our human experience?

After all, we perceive time on earth to be moving forward and with forward movement there appears to be growth, expansion, learning, and generally becoming better from day-to-day. That is, if we stop ourselves from participating in manmade atrocities; this includes putting pause on denying, suppressing, and rejecting ourselves and having the courage to allow our inspired thoughts to guide our actions. 

While some scientists try to understand how particles interact with and create the macro-world (i.e., animals, people, stars, things you eat, things you purchase, etc.), others study the reverse, meaning they try to understand how the macro-world influences the building blocks of life. One branch of science that studies the impact that the macro-world has on the micro-world is called the field of epigenetics. 

Most people in the thalassemia community have some understanding of the science of genetics. They know that thalassemia is the result of a genetic mutation. The science of epigenetics studies how environmental factors like food, emotions, environment, and so on (i.e., the macro-world) impact the way that genes (i.e., the micro-world) express themselves in the human body.

According to researchers at Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory University, mice that were traumatized by receiving an electric shock after smelling a certain odor had babies that were also sensitive to the smell, even though the babies had never come into contact with the smell before.(5

Researchers have also been studying the effect that trauma has on epigenetic inheritance. According to these scientists, trauma has a negative impact on the coding found in sperm RNA (ribonucleic acid), which has been shown to negatively affect the behavior and physical aspects of future generations of children.(6)(7)(8)(9)

We know that hemoglobinopathies like thalassemia protect people from dying of malaria.(10)(11) This means that our ancestors endured extreme trauma when becoming infected with the malaria parasite. Perhaps they also watched their loved ones suffer and die from the disease. 

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Now for the longshot (aka, my hypothesis). What if a surviving parent's trauma is what caused the thalassemia mutation in the first place? This safety mechanism (i.e., the thalassemia gene that does not allow a person to die from malaria) continues to get passed down from generation to generation, because the traumatic memory that once created it still exists in the sub-atomic particles passed down from generation to generation. Thus, impacting the expression of future offspring's hemoglobin producing gene.

After all, we know that thalassemia is a single gene disorder. This means that a person's genes are where they're supposed to be, but one gene is not expressing itself correctly. If a person receives gene therapy, the defective gene isn’t removed or altered. Instead, a new gene is added alongside the bad one and both genes function as creators of red blood cells. Crispr gene therapy will attempt to slice and dice genes, but no one knows how this will affect a person as s/he grows older. What’s also fascinating about these cures is that they require radiation and chemotherapy which sterilize the patient so they can no longer reproduce offspring. Perhaps this is another way in which the universal field responds to trauma.

If we truly are part of a quantum field of energy (which I absolutely believe to be true as a practitioner and student of Chinese medicine) and we recognize that the natural world (i.e., not the world of human-made suffering) tends to move forward in a helping way (i.e., towards growth, expansion, and evolution), then we have to believe that we can change the way that our brains are interpreting and translating our human experience, and maybe even alter the building blocks of life that create our experience. Perhaps it’s not the malaria parasite that caused a genetic mutation in patient zero (i.e., the first living thalassemia carrier), but patient zero’s desire to survive that did.

That's why beginning on June 10th, 2019 at 6pm Eastern, I would like to invite you to join me in a live meditation on Facebook. My plan is to do one energy clearing session with you, live on Mondays at 6pm Eastern, beginning on June 10.

Together, we will join minds and call on the quantum field to give us energy, greater strength, clarity, peace, and surrender. Let’s see how we feel as we visualize a new experience for ourselves.

Now the question is: are you brave enough to alter your mind, question reality, and join me?

To your good health,


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