Kris Carr's “Crazy Sexy Juice” can improve your health

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In her new book, “Crazy Sexy Juice”, Kris Carr describes how incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet through juicing can improve the health of your body (i.e., blood and other cells) – a fact that I have experienced firsthand.

For those of you who don't know her, Kris Carr is a multi-New York Times bestselling author and the subject of a documentary called "Crazy Sexy Cancer," which I discovered on Oprah’s cable network several years ago.

I typically never watch TV, but there was no way to avoid it after breaking my elbow in 2011. I spent many months laying on my couch, watching TV and healing.

And honestly, I think some kind of divine order made things happen this way, because my life has turned upside down (for the better) ever since!

Anyway, Oprah’s OWN Network was sharing a documentary called "Crazy Sexy Cancer," which details Kris Carr’s healing journey after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

In the movie, Kris is told that there is no conventional medicine to cure her of the type of cancer that she has.

As a result, she embarks on a quest to find alternative (holistic) methods of healing. From crystals, to acupuncture, to diets. It was fascinating to see her test different modalities!

The part of the movie that captured me (actually, it was more like my jaw hit the ground) was when she and a scientist displayed an analysis of her blood cells after eating a macrobiotic diet (i.e., whole grains, steamed vegetables, beans) and then again after eating a completely raw vegan diet (uncooked vegetables, nuts, fruits, etc.).

After eating a raw vegan diet, her blood cells were flowing freely and looked extremely healthy. While before that, on her other diets, they were sticking together and looking much less healthy.

I thought, “Whaaaaaat?! I have GOT to try doing whatever she's doing!” I immediately bought a Vitamix blender to create smoothies, an Omega juicer to create juices, and all kinds of chemical-free cleaning supplies. Ha.

Now, one thing you must understand is that I was raised in an Italian family that LIVES for food. There were many years in my life when nothing could come between me and eight pieces of thinly sliced ham on semolina bread with a side of Sicilian olives and a wedge of parmigiano Reggiano.

I knew that my conversion to raw foods wasn’t going to be easy, but my mind was made up. I had to do this thing that was obviously working for Kris. I mean, her blood test proved it!

So, over the course of a few months, I gave up all meat. That was pretty easy, because I didn't really like eating meat. My ham sandwich days were long behind me.

Then, I gave up eating fish. This was much harder, because I was raised on frutti di mare.

Leaving behind milk came after abandoning those other cholesterol laden proteins. Milk was the most difficult food to remove from my diet, because I'm pretty sure I was addicted to cheese.

To avoid milk, I began using organic soymilk in my coffee. I then started eating more steamed vegetables with extra virgin olive oil and garlic, and I made sure that I drank a daily juice using organic carrots, green apple, and ginger.

After about three months, I gave up all soy and became fully immersed in a raw vegan diet. I ate tons of salads, made raw soups in my blender, and experimented with different types of juices.

My favorite juice soon was comprised of kale, green apple, and lime juice.

What happened next was a miracle, in my opinion. Prior to changing my diet, I had been going to receive transfusions every other week for nearly a decade. The miracle came when my doctor told me that my blood count remained above 11 after three weeks, meaning I could go FOUR weeks without a transfusion for the first time in my adult life.

Kris Carr and Josephine Bila at the Hay House Writers Workshop, NYC

Kris Carr and Josephine Bila at the Hay House Writers Workshop, NYC

Granted, that only happened one time, but yowza… it was a great feeling! I felt healthy, vibrant, and free!

So, I continued to eat mostly raw vegan for almost two years. I even became certified in gourmet raw food creation and began cleaning my system out with colonics. Ahem, when I go all in: I. GO. ALL. IN.

My transfusion appointments remained consistent at every three weeks. Freedom continued to ring!

Then, a situation occurred when I almost gave up on it all completely. Why? Because I was out with a bunch of coworkers who were waving around the most delicious looking NYC pizza I'd ever seen.


New York city


What happened next was I chowed down on one slice and regretted every single second of it. The gassy aches in my stomach reminded me why fruits and vegetables reign supreme over hormone laced milk and genetically modified wheat.

The experience didn't knock me completely off my game. Today, my diet consists of about 70% organic raw fruits and vegetables, juices, as well as some occasional goat cheese, beans, gluten-free or sprouted grains, and eggs. I also eat fish and chicken about twice per month or less.

Being a raw vegan is difficult when your partner eats meat. For this reason, I eat mostly raw for breakfast and lunch, then cook dinners that are high in (lightly-cooked or raw) vegetables, but also contain a little animal protein for my boyfriend.

My experiment with raw veganism also taught me that drinking juiced kale with lime is a bad idea for those with high iron levels. Kale is loaded with iron and combining it with lime (vitamin C) makes it highly absorbable. Remember that before you start juicing!

These days, I am back to drinking the juice of four or more carrots, one apple, and tiny slice of ginger. I'm psyched about Kris Carr's latest book "Crazy Sexy Juice," because now I have lots more delicious recipes to choose from!

Thank you, Kris!


This post originally appeared on on Tue, 27 Oct 2015.

Photo credit: Kris Carr