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You do not have to remain weak, small, invisible, addicted to caffeine, exhausted, insecure, unworthy, anxious, afraid, ashamed, powerless, isolated, depressed, anxious, sedentary, or any of those things.

Diet, exercise, and stress all affect the health and longevity of red blood cells. See my “About” page to read my personal lab data.

Just take one step towards self improvement. Then take one more step.

Soon you’ll be sprinting towards a life you’re much happier with.

You know what else? You don’t need permission from anyone on the planet to be who you want to be.

You simply have to choose to say yes to yourself and stop denying that little voice in the back of your mind that whispers desires to you all day long. Desire, when heeded, gives rise to passion.

When you feel fearful about that thing that’s calling you towards it, you’re moving away from your true desire or essence. Chinese medicine holds a philosophy that blood energy is negatively affected by moving away from one’s passions.

I want to help you become aware of those things that call you, so you stop denying yourself.

What’s whispering to you? What do you want?

The website was a whisper in my mind that would not go away for months. As much as I tried to ignore it, the desire to create lingered.

I decided I would be doing myself and the greater energy in the universe, that wanted to create through me, a disservice by not developing this content.

Thoughts about it flooded my mind everyday. I literally had no choice but to bring it to life. I allowed the dimension of desire to open up and passionately build everything you see. Together, we developed this website, created all of its graphics and began writing.

Everyone has access to that dimension of possibility.

I am here to help you listen to and achieve those things that, when ignored, confine your spirit like a straightjacket.

You only need to do one thing, and that is to decide to make a change — to move in a new direction.

Let’s work together and dig into your higher purpose for this life. Whether you want to learn how to eat better, feel less fatigued, find a life partner, become more mindful, etc.

My goal is to help you tune-in to your true desires, move into alignment by reflecting what I hear you truly telling the universe, and offer you new ways of thinking to achieve your goals.

I define myself as a Holistic Health Coach, which is a blend of the following modalities:

MIND: I earned a Master of Social Work degree from New York University and am licensed to practice in the state of New York.

BODY: I am a certified personal trainer through ACE Fitness. I am also certified in raw vegan culinary arts, trained under Chef Russell James and Karen Knowler, as well as an ayurvedic cooking student under restaurateur, Chef Divya Atler.

SPIRIT: I am a certified Chinese Medical Qigong Practitioner through Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson’s teachings by Dr. Lisa VanOstrand, a certified Reiki healer trained by Brett Bevell, and certified PureBioenergy Healer trained by Zoran Hochstatter.

If you’re interested in taking that first step, please fill in the form below. I will respond within 24 hours of receiving the form and let you know if I believe we’d make a good team.

I’m only accepting clients who are willing to work towards change. This is not talk therapy and I will not do the work of your medical doctor by consulting you on lab results.

We are going to form a partnership as we examine your goals, detrimental behavioral patterns, and ineffective thoughts. I will teach you mindfulness, help you form new habits, and support you as you become the person you most want to be or form the relationships you most want to have. My goal is to serve as a non-judgmental witness to your personal evolution.

Your first exploratory call is free.

If you want to coach with Josephine please apply by using the form below:

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Please tell me what you need help with. I will not respond to requests to read lab results.